Best Auto Locksmith

On December 11, 2012

my daughter’s purse was stolen at work with all of her belongings,mainly,her car keys was gone!!she was not able to get into the car and had no spare key,we picked her up got the spare key from the car lot,picked up her car from her job and drove home,we called mr John at around 11:00am and advised of our issue we needed a key made,not any key,a programmed key.i asked if he could do it?he said to me if i don’t get the car started,you don’t pay me anything,he said it will be around 2:pm but he arrived to my home before 2pm.he called got the address and came right took him about 20 to 25 min to program the new key,reprogram the old key we talked the entire time,he’s very friendly and know exactly what he’s doing! he’s the best i’ve ever come across.the key’s work and they are a perfect fit ! service was friendly and timely! i called,he answered,he called back,and showed up on time.not to mention the cost was affordable,exp.since all of my daughters belongings was stolen.thank you Mr.John! you are the best!

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