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Many Spring  locksmiths currently advertising on line and in the Yellow Pages are unlicensed.

When you call for a 

Spring Locksmith

call Hopperlock.

Some reports state that as many as thirty percent of individuals who advertise as a Spring locksmith are not licensed

or insured. If caught..they go to jail but in the meantime there is a lot of damage being done.

Here is a short list of ways a bogus Spring locksmith can cause you harm:

1. If your door locks were changed,an unreputable auto locksmith could make a copy for themselves.
2. If your auto or truck key was made, a Spring locksmith could make a copy for themselves

Protect Yourself from unlicensed Spring locksmiths and bogus auto locksmiths in any area

Any individual can go to the Texas Department Of Public Safety Website and check out the license of a Spring locksmith or auto locksmith  in the State of Texas.

For your protection and peace of mind go to the website listed below and look for the Company Name or License Number of the Spring locksmith you want to hire as your auto locksmith.

Ask to see the Auto Locksmith License Number and Pocket ID card and look them up at the web site below.  It is simple to do and will tell you if they are licensed and if their insurance is up to date. No reputable Spring locksmith will refuse to give you this information.  It is up to you to ask for it.

Check your Spring Locksmith Here

Hopper Lock automotive locksmith is licensed and carries well over the required amount of insurance. Don’t let an un-qualified, under

insured locksmith work on your valuable car.

TEXAS LICENSE B14317                                      

When you call for an emergency locksmith, if the auto locksmith at Hopper Lock can’t get to you fast enough, we will gladly refer you to another  reputable colleague. We want to be your Spring locksmith.


Hopper Lock
Spring, TX 77373

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